Spend your time where it matters

I’ve begun setting aside an hour every morning I’m not up early for work or placement working on the things that are important to me. I started doing this a week ago because I realised that I was just getting overwhelmed with my work for uni and wasn’t spending any time doing what I actually want to do. I set aside the first hour of the morning, before I start the urgent work which is my university study.

This concept came to me in one of Ali Abdaal’s email newsletters where he discussed this matrix.

It is so easy to get swept up in your ‘urgent work’ which seems to be ever expanding, I didn’t like that. The beauty of the urgent work is that it always gets done, as anyone who has done an assignment last minute knows.

This impelled me to sit down and figure out my “important, not urgent” tasks and start doing them at the start of every day. This is when I decided to write 50 blogs in 50 days, because writing is an area I want to improve in, and all that takes is practice. I do this every day I’m not at placement because sleep one of my highest priorities, and not worth compromising.

I feel it is so important that I spend my time where I truly want to and this was another way to do this.


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